Hope City is a network of Hope Groups (missional communities) – these are small groups of people, joined by the gospel, pursuing the reconciliation, renewal, and redemption of their community together.  During this time of isolation all Hope Groups meet virtually online.  If you are interested in joining a group, click the link below.

Are you interested in the Bible or in need of one because you don’t own a Bible?  Click the button below and fill out the free coffee contact form.  You can let us know about your need through the form; we will make sure you get a Bible and a free cup of coffee.  You can also attend a gathering and ask the Gathering Host for a Bible.  The leader will be able to assist you in getting a Bible.

Do you have a question for Hope City, want to hear about the vision of where Hope City is going, or just want to connect with Pastor Russell?  Fill the contact form below and schedule a moment during the week to have a cup of coffee on Pastor Russell.  He does not mind if you get something else besides coffee or just drink water and talk. It just may happen via zoom until this isolation season is over.

We believe in generosity.

We know it changes lives—ours and the people we’re reaching. At Hope City Church, taking action on your generosity is simple.


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