Welcome to Hope City Church. Thank you for taking a moment to visit our site. We are a new church reaching Liberty Hill, Leander, and Georgetown area around the Ronald Reagan and Highway 29 area.  We have great value in seeing the Kingdom of God reflecting in Jesus’ followers.

Hope City

exists to make Greater Austin more like Heaven, by helping people become more like Jesus.


Hope City will be launching a gathering service in February 2018.

Grill and Chill

Our next Grill and Chill will be August 26th at 6:00 p.m.  Come join us and bring a side dish if you want!

The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is how we see the world.  It impacts every area of our lives.  Our greatest priority is to advance the Kingdom of God and bring His ministry of reconciliation to the lives, domains, and cities that we encounter.

Make Disciples

Discipleship is a shared communal process of UP, IN, and OUT lived through Hope Groups.  Followers of Christ go UP to God, In to each other, and OUT to their world.

City Engaging
City engagement is about helping Hope City Church members engage the domains of life (work, hobbies, talents, gifts, schools, children, etc.) City (society) is not something we avoid, but something we engage to enhance or create. We are both culture shapers and public servants.
Hope Groups
Hope Groups are for building strong family type bonds with its members and to help members live out the up, in, and out, process of discipleship.  They are micro-churches, and are also designed for members to live communally outside the time slot of a Hope Group.
We value three types of multiplication.  We multiply by send out our Followers of Christ to engage into the domains of society to multiply the Kingdom of God through bringing others to salvation in Christ.  We multiply by birthing new Hope Groups that have a desire to multiply more Hope Groups, and lastly we also multiply by having a great sense of calling to multiply churches through glocal (global and local) engagement.
We place a high value on reflecting the Kingdom of God base on Ephesians 3:6; Ephesians 2:14-16; and Romans 5:7-12.  We strive to reflect this through our leadership, staff, and styles of worship.
Russell Stanphill
Lead Pastor of Hope City Church
Russell and Susan moved from Tennessee to start Hope City Church in June of 2016 where Russell was serving as a student pastor for eight years at The Church of Sugar Creek.  Russell and Susan are native Texans growing up in North Texas.  They met ten years ago while Russell was the junior high pastor at Cottonwood Creek Church and Susan was a member.  They have been married nine years and have two wonderful children.  Russell has eighteen years of pastoral ministry experience.  Russell and Susan are both very excited to be living out God’s calling of advancing the Kingdom of God here in this region of Greater Austin and launching Hope City Church.

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